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How does your community facilitate regional collaboration?

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What organizations, relationships, standing meetings, etc. exist for the purpose of ensuring that your metropolitan region (or count) are moving forward smoothly?
asked Feb 13, 2014 by MoCheeks (22 points)

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100state makes a great effort to promote and facilitate regional collaboration between the innovation and entrepreneurship communities of our region, including Madison and Milwaukee. A few things that our communities do:

  1. Share event calendars
  2. Sponsor bus trips to each other's notable events
  3. Monthly twitter hangouts discussing relevant topics
  4. Reciprocal community benefits (ex: shared membership between coworking facilities, meeting spaces, etc.)

The idea is to frequently create collisions between our communities to increase the probability of serendipitous moments. 

answered Feb 14, 2014 by niko (21 points)
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Capital Region Sustainable Communities is a public-private consortium of nearly 40 entities with a shared vision, goals and priority challenges towards "a healthy and flourishing place for all, now and forever." The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission serves as the "backbone" organization for this collective impact effort.



answered Feb 14, 2014 by SteveS (15 points)